Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it a boy is it a girl

Only a week till we find out!!!!

I really want bubs to be a girl, but if it is a little boy i will be happy too

I think i am starting to feel the little bean moving now, seem to get the bubble feeling at night and swear i got a boot today in the car!!!! Must be doing gymnastics and pusing off the walls.

Dearest has started on the nursery he has pulled up all the feral carpet and repainted etc the walls, he is tiling tomorrow, then i can get in there and make my nursery!!! How exciting.

I am soo over work, it is so draining at the moment, the end of the day comes and i am knackered!!

In saying that i am going to go plonk in front of the tv with a chocolate, kick hubby down the office to play guitar and watch So you think you can dance

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