Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh the journey of making a baby

Sooooo i always thought that making a baby for me would not be a straight forward easy event!! !i mean i was so suprised when we fell last time that i didnt beleive it for a week or so and even then it was still a bit sureal.. but that baby wasnt meant to be

So now we try for baby number 2 (there was a first baby afterall) and it is proving to be a little harder... i mean we have only really tried for one cycle ( which equals almost two of normal peoples cycles) we are on cycle number two and it is driving me batty... i just enjoy the process from conception to birth!!! i am really looking forward to getting a belly and feeling the kicks and everything that everyone talks about!!! i just want that little life to grow from me and then see them grow into fantastic adults

Ahhhhhhhhhh i want to enjoy the baby making process just as much too... and all this ttc just does your head in!!!!! I mean why cant all women just fall pregnant first go, it just doesnt make sense that women have to go through so much to be mums and then women who dont want kids... and are not great parents, reproduce like it is going out of fashion... and then i see 17 year olds pregnant and ready pop!!!! Im not old to start trying i am only 28 but our ancestors had baby at such a young age, it was not uncommon to see 25 year olds with an estbalished family of five or more!!!

Hmmmm i just googled the name isabel and it is the variation of elizabeth my name, it is a meant be to be name for my daughter (when i have one) i have always wanted isabel as a name and never knew why!!!! Weird hey