Friday, August 15, 2008

I think we have a baby soccer player

So i have been just hanging out to feel some real movement from the littlebean the last few days, been getting the bubbles for a few days now but no real prods.... so i am sitting on the computer today and i feel a kick, so i put my hand on my tummy

IT GOT KICKED :) i sat there with this big grin on my face, then rang dearest and my mother!!!! I dont think they were as excited as i was :) but still it was sooo cool!!!!

I am starting to really feel like it is real now, not just this surreal dream i have been in, i mean my belly is getting bigger (and so is my backside according to my students) my boobs are hugemongus (well for me anyway) you would think it was feeling real for me, but still i am nervous about the whole thing!!! I am even putting off buying our big stuff till after the twenty week scan, we have had two very healthy scans... but no i am miss scardy pants!!!!

Ihave been such a slacko wife today, i really need a good hobby :) maybe i will go and buy some ingreadents tomorrow and do some baking!!! Going to mums for dinner i could take some dessert over!!! Now there is an idea.. then i am not sitting on my backside doing nothing!!

Ok my one or two readers signing off!!!

Did i tell ya i really felt bubs kick :)

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