Monday, July 28, 2008

Worst Blogger ever :)

Ok sooo i get the award for worse blogger ever. I havent up dated for over two months..

So what has happened in two months then

Well i am 15 weeks pregnant now :) yes alreaday i said to my loving other half on saturday.. Guess what 25 weeks left to our selves.. and he almost crashed the car :)

Belly getting bigger, although i keep asking for reassureance that it is getting bigger :) if you are intersted in checking out some pics, check out my face book page.

Anyway apart from the baby news.. Dearest loved one convinced me that we need a ski boat, so now sitting in our carport is our new (ok used) boat.. i must admit i do like it and it is handy having our own boat.. but dont tell him that!!!!

For a week or so there i lost my Dearest loved one but now the boat is up to his exacting standards and i have him back!!!

I promise to update more often ladies and keep you posted on the belly news..

love to all